Review: Matilda The Musical

I have seen the film at least twenty times and can quote it a much as most people my age can reel off lines from ‘Mean Girls.’ Whenever I make pancakes, I blast ‘Little, Bitty, Pretty, One’ and I’ve had many unsuccessful attempts at moving objects with my mind.    I love Matilda. My parents very kindly bought us tickets to see it at The Cambridge Theatre in Seven Dials for my birthday. We were lucky enough to be sat right at the front, an arms-length from the stage and what a view we had whilst waiting for the show to start. I’ve been to see it twice now and both times we were sat right at the front. I can appreciate that I’m a very lucky person!

The view from our seats – front row – The Cambridge Theatre, London

The musical opens with a funny number mostly performed by children, boasting about their parents and how loved they are. All the songs are written by Tim Minchin who is an incredibly talented lyricist. As the play is based on a children’s book, there are none of his controversial or rude songs. There are still a lot of laugh out loud moments.

All your favourite moments are included, such as the famous pig-tail toss, the chokey and Bruce Bogtrotter’s chocolate cake battle. There are a lot of additions to the story to make it a bit more visually exciting but I don’t want to spoil it for you. The songs are all great and catchy. In fact, we had to buy the CD on the way out because we enjoyed them so much and it has become a staple car journey soundtrack. There’s a good mix of emotional ballads and funny ones, some for the kids as well as tongue in cheek adult jokes included. I’m the kind of person who bursts into song at any occasion and “When I grow Up” has been a firm favourite since seeing Matilda.

I’ve just realised that whilst I’m writing this, I’m drinking a cup of tea from my “Children Are Maggots” mug, also purchased from the kiosk. I love it because on the inside, there is a picture of a newt – a nod to the story.

Matilda is a musical which I didn’t expect to like as much as I did. It blew my mind. The choreography is so clever and the children are super talented. Every time I revisit it, I am reminded of something new. If you are into dancing, colour and fun – you’re going to love it. It is astounding how talented the children are and I can’t help but feel jealous that they are killing it on stage at such a young age.


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