Going to Magaluf on a Couple’s Holiday

The stick I received when people found out I was taking my boyfriend to Magaluf for his birthday was incredible. After looking for good holiday packages in Mallorca, on the Jet 2 website, I came across an awesome deal for an all-inclusive trip. It’s something I’ve never done as I always go for budget options. What’s the worst that can happen? I thought. Spoliler alert: We had the best time ever.

We decided to go for four nights, during the week. It was in September but we had just missed the closing parties going on in our hotel. I don’t know whether this was a good or bad thing because we both appreciate a mix of quiet time and partying.

The complex was complete with it’s own water park as well as three other pools and we were so thankful that it was adults only. It’s safe to say there were no screaming children running about. We were able to grab a white, circular sun lounger, free of charge, and bask in the sun by the pool. There was a cocktail bar right next to us, exclusively for those with the all inclusive wristbands. You could drink whatever fruity, icy drinks you wanted all day long. I opted for vodka + Fanta Lemon most times because that combination just screams holiday. In hindsight, I would have taken advantage of this feature a lot more. You could enjoy the loud house music blaring from the DJ and bathe in the rays or run around all the water slides like a big kid.

The unlimited food was in the form of a buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. We took advantage of this in the morning or afternoon, depending on when we woke up but always had dinner out. You could eat in three long slots everyday and also fill up on beer and wine here. We needn’t have left if we didn’t want to explore.

We decided to play mini-golf at Katmandu Park on Sam’s birthday. It was a super fun course and we’re both very competitive which made it intense. The weather was amazing whilst we were there so we had the best time doing an activity in the heat. I like to think that I let him win because it was his birthday.

On one afternoon, we went down to the beach and played in the sea. There’s an alcoholic slushie place called “Daiquiri Palace” opposite the shore which is nicknamed “the washing machine bar.” They serve over 10 flavours of frozen drinks – daiquiris, margaritas, you name it. I had a blueberry one. You could even ask for a disposable cup and drink them on the beach which is what we did.


We found this absolute gem of a restaurant called ” Bondi Beach” by accident. After going for an after dinner walk along the beach front, we were approached by the Maitre D’. He coaxed us onto their terrace by offering us the “best Prosecco you will ever try in our lives.” The service was amazing and we felt like celebrities, sat sipping delicious fizz and watching the sun set. We liked it so much that we booked a table for tomorrow’s dinner right there and then.


I had this delicious fresh vegetable pizza and my favourite cocktail – Aperol Spritz. Sam had a Mai Tai and a rack of lamb with rosemary and mustard which he thoroughly enjoyed. I’ll take his word for We would both highly recommend you visit ‘Bondi Beach’ for a date or with a group of friends before a night out.


The nightlife in Magaluf was something I had my reservations about but it was such a fun surprise. In fact, I preferred it to the strip in San Antonio, Ibiza. That might have something to do with the people I was partying with. We met these two girls on our first night and went out with them almost everyday.  I couldn’t believe the regulations on drinking alcohol there. In a few bars you could pay 10€ and drink all night by refilling your cup as many times as you’d like. It was crazy. We decided to embrace it – when in Rome…


This was taken on our last day out. This pool belonged to another hotel called “Sol House – The Studio” that we managed to walk straight into with nobody stopping us. It was filled with these amazing inflatables that I had to have a picture with. Again, we were treated to an awesome DJ and enjoyed some fruity ciders. If we decided to go back, I’d consider staying here as the vibe was awesome.


We both agree that the best thing we did on holiday was purchase tickets for Pirates Reloaded – the adult version. We didn’t really know what to expect but had received lots of recommendations from both people we’d met on nights out and staff. It was 40€ each and that guarantees us entry and unlimited jugs of sangria and beer.

We had to meet a rep at a pub called ‘Dreams’ who then led us to the queue outside the venue. It was a long wait and we were starting to get a bit frustrated as the staff were desperately trying to flog queue jump for an extra 10€. Anyway, we finally got to the front and were led to the best seats we could have asked for, without paying extra, right next to the stage and practically under one of the aerial silks.

The show was like a mix of Rocky Horror and Cirque De Soleil with a lot of skimpily dressed performers and even hints of BDSM. I have seen a lot of these kind of performances but this was one of the best by far. I particularly enjoyed watching people dancing above me – hoop, pole, acrobats. Coupled with the continuous refilling of our drinks, it was an amazing end to a special holiday, a must do.

The moral of the story is, don’t listen to people’s negativity and travel wherever you’d like to go. A holiday is what you make it.

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