How to Spend Your Birthday in Self Isolation

I turned 26 on the 31st of March. I had been looking forward to this birthday for a number of reasons. They all involved spending quality time with my boyfriend which is a big motivator. We were meant to be visiting the safari park that weekend which is a yearly tradition for us. Sam also booked me tickets to Warner Bros Studios as we’re huge Harry Potter fans. I’ve not been in five years and it would have been his first time.

Obviously, the reason that these trips are cancelled is for a very serious matter and I completely understand. However, I was not going to let my birthday be a boring one.

I have conducted a list of reasons it amounted to the perfect day:

  1. Get up early. I hate lying in bed doing nothing and wasting the hours away. I had a hearty breakfast and a builder’s brew. I knew that the following day’s breakfast would definitely be cake, probably for lunch too.
  2. Pamper Session. I love a good soak more than most people. I’m known to sit in the tub for 3 hours at a time if there’s enough hot water. Unfortunately, I had run out of my beloved bath bombs and wasn’t about to order anymore during the pandemic. My favourite one is The Comforter from Lush. Instead, I bought a big bottle of Marshmellow scented bath cream from Imperial Leather to use. I then also took the time to make myself look good and indulged in some glitter eye shadow because I could be extra.
  3. Bake and decorate your own cake. I LOVE cooking and one of my favourite things to make is a cake. This year I adapted a BBC Goodfood recipe to make a double chocolate layer and a vanilla confetti one, sandwiched together with melted dark chocolate. I usually like adding too many decorations on it but to be honest, we couldn’t be bothered. It is compulsory in my house to eat the cake with a cup of tea.
  4. Eat a delicious meal. We’d usually go out for a fancy meal but as we couldn’t do that, my mum made us some homemade pizza and we ate it with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. I ended up being quite tipsy all day which made the stay-at-home experience more enjoyable.
  5. Remember the good times. My dad has compiled all the footage from when I was born to when I was 10 onto 25 DVDs. He has even gone to the trouble of creating menus with scene selection on each one. I am huge of memories and can spend hours looking through old photos but having the videos makes it even more special. My favourite highlight was a clip of me on Christmas Day, crashing my brand new skateboard into the side cabinet and busting my foot. My mum also brought my baby box down which is full of well wishes from when I was born and birthday cards from relatives and family friends. The best part was she has kept most of my letters to Santa so I could laugh at all my ridiculous requests over the years.
  6. Fun with friends. I was overwhelmed with the amount of love from my friends and family as usual. I even had a couple of my friends and even their kids record video messages for me. One of my best friends who lives in Italy face timed me and totally made my day. When people make an effort it really means a lot to me. My family got me some amazing and thoughtful gifts including books, an eyeshadow palette, a board game and kitchen utensils. The present I have used the most is my Google Chrome Cast. I have already spent many hours watching YouTube and Netflix on my bedroom TV.
  7. Chill Out. Birthdays can be super overwhelming for me and I often feel sad and anxious at some point. There is a lot of pressure to have a great time all day but that is unrealistic. It’s important to take the time to relax and be alone if you wish. I’m pretty sure I went to bed reasonably early and that is okay. 

Other Ideas

  • Go on a walk – whilst we still can. The weather has been glorious and I’ve enjoyed getting some much needed fresh air every day.
  • Treat yourself to a 3 course meal, like you’d have in a restaurant. Pick your favourite cuisine and come up with a starter, main and dessert of your choice. You could even play some themed music in the background and dress up for it.
  • Watch a marathon of feel-good films. My choice would be anything Studio Ghibli, Disney or Harry Potter.
  • Play a board game if you’re isolating with other people or start a puzzle if not. I am such a nerd when it comes to games whether they’re on a console or played on the table. Plus, I am super competitive. You don’t want to chance it at Monopoly with me (pardon the pun.)


If you are celebrating a birthday in quarantine, I hope you can still enjoy it. If I managed to still have a blast without doing anything that was originally planned, so can you. The most important thing is to stay safe.

Feel free to leave comments on your isolation celebration ideas. I’d love to hear them!


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